12 Must Have Mozilla Firefox Addons (Part A)

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Dyskusje o 12 Must Have Mozilla Firefox Addons (Part A)

12 Must Have Mozilla Firefox Addons (Part A) - @mamaneww Press Alt
- I choose Menu editor! Thanks!
- Man i love that click sound from the mouse! :D
- Comment removed
- on my firefox how do you get the, File,Edit,View,History... and stuff i want that
- Thanks for sharing your list with us! :D A few apps that aren't on parts A or B, that I recommend: Smart Bookmarks Toolbar Tab Mix Plus Grease Monkey (Similar to "Stylish") Greasefire (Works with the above app) FEBE (Backup's bookmarks and apps) DownThemAll! (Downloads muitple files at once, instead of clicking on each one) I also use Fast Dial, handy for websites you visit everyday. Like your social networking sites, news sites, and your video sharing websites. :)
- @ElchinMendes first get the all in one side bar than look for menu editor you will than be able to decide what to see up there and what not to see
- Ok, your over reacting to a simple comment... first of all calm the fuck down... your calling me dumbass, cuz your pissed over nothing... I wasn't even talking to you in the first place... so why don't you fuck off...
- dumbass print screen does the outside of ur browser and whats on you screnn....lets say there is a page that scrolls down a while and u want that too u would have to print screen five times or use that addon once...it has options to do only what u see so that could be replaced by print screen but other than that you can fuck off...
- Or Download HyperSnap
- why isnt googlepedia working for me?
- @DemonFoxSlayerX Print screen is a one button deal only on a desktop, not a laptop. Even though the laptop is only 2 buttons, you can't get a screen shot of a whole page.
- @ElchinMendes Tiny Menu
- For Number 3 You can just click Print Screen Button on Your Computer
- Kool, u live in Dayton, OH in USA. Although u never put on ur profile, ur sidebar shows that u live in Dayton, OH and its 26 degrees that day- that must be hot lol.
- I used to use adblocker, but i used to block quite alot of ads so it started to slow firefox down :(
- thats quite amazing i mean the ad blocker