1992 Snooker Trick Shot World Championship

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Dyskusje o 1992 Snooker Trick Shot World Championship

1992 Snooker Trick Shot World Championship - why does he keep fucking up ... boooooo!
- John virgos first "trick shot" was pissing easy.
- Alan crapadoo more like
- Still watching in 2015!
- This was great thanks!
- Steve Davis sounds just like Michael Caine in the 60's 
- Willie Thorne is so funny .. i like him 
- wow. alain robidoux must have been some player..
- British people talk a lot.
- i love how they miss so many but the apreciation of the croud is outstanding it shows how the game is not about making it but being humorous and fun (sometimes making it)
- Plot Twist: their scores are based on their jokes.
- girl in the corner at 2:16 looks like she is having the time of her life!
- Did you see the track suit on that girl at 2.20mins though? 
- Who won? Time conked out on Dennis Taylor :(
- At 27 minutes you can see Terry Griffiths playing trick shots into a basket,and a great trick it is too.  My grandad who was a good friend of Terry back in the day,made the basket for him. He never wanted any publicity as he was so Ill and did not want to turn anybody down if he was asked to make one.   He passed away 20 yrs ago and never got to see this film :-(  and I so wish he had .He was the most humble man you would ever meet,and the help he gave to  blind people during his lifetime is amazing. So happy to find this old footage,and if I am ever half the man my Grandfather was I will be happy.  RIP Mr.Eric Aliffe.  Founder of the Blind society for Llanelli ,Carmarthenshire .You helped many people.
- Terry Griffiths lived a few doors from away from the kind gentleman who made the basket for his trick shots.  He was a lovely man,but never wanted any public attention for his basket work as he was so Ill in his later years. It would be great to see these old basket skills being brought back for sports like this.Eric Aliffe also made trick baskets for other top ranking players of that time,I hope they stood the test of time.