50+ Tips & Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S5!

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Dyskusje o 50+ Tips & Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S5!

50+ Tips & Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S5! - Useful and helpful thanks man for the great video.
- apps to sd has been around for years... not really a new thing...
- lol imagine trying the baby crying detector and it hears a baby crying but you're alone in the house
- great!!!
- My galaxy s5 beeps at 7:30 AM every morning and i dont know why. Its not like odviouse why it beeps. Please help me. There isnt like a new notification or anything.
- Getting it tomorrow!!! So excited!!

- How can you keep your phone screen from going black so fast? Or is there such a setting? I can't get anyone to answer me on this question.
- The phone will send advanced warnings of earthquakes?
- Great Video.  New user, loved all the tips.
- a couple tips helped, thanks bro.
- Nice
- I have the s5 active. the features are the same. I learned quit a bit. Thank you.
- My phone gets hot very fast during calls or voice notes (whatsapp). is this normal?! Anyones been having thix too? 
- Too many features! its like entering a hotel with hundreds of doors!  People dont activate TALK BACK feature, its a mess.. I did and spent hrs to kill it
- The one hamd mode is really bad
- 27:36 - The baby crying detector is under accessiblity because deaf and hard of hearing people have trouble hearing babies cry. Most other people won't need it.
- You should realize you are a phone addicted degenerate when your phone has to remind you to look at your baby.  Do people feel like good parents when they enable this feature and completely ignore their children?
- Great tips, but I think you should go a little slower when explaining. I had a little trouble keeping up while trying the things at the same time.
- how do i exit car mode????