A Preview Of Firefox 4

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Dyskusje o A Preview Of Firefox 4

A Preview Of Firefox 4 - Yes you are a retard. I agree.
- but theres no speed dial in firefox
- @marky61198 Dude first off that comment was 2 months old. It's simple internet etiquette not to comment on something that old. Just saying. But anyway I was kidding about that I actually like Linux.
- @monsterhunterminegar really? do you have to be this ignorant about linux. Ubuntu Linux is simple and free.Firefox 4 on Ubuntu Linux is great and you should stop bashing linux on the desktop until you try it.
- @sasquatch268 ive not upgraded yet coz i got told its Eats your Ram!
- Does Firefox 4 use loads of RAM? ive heard it has... so i have not installed yet! someone plz reply!
- my system has a 6 core processor, 8 gigs of ram and firefox 4 still crashes on daily bases... chrome is my new permanent browser. i wanted to keep using firefox 3. however i was CONSTANTLY harrased and bugged to go to 4... so i did. and regreated it.. f**k firefox...
- I've beenUsing ff for i don't know howLong &for th 1st timeEvr I HATE ff asMuch as i hate "µ$not IE" or Apple &2 putThis in2 someSort ofPerspective, it's like how carrieFelt about herMother, god's attitude 2lucifer, howMuch silverSurfer lovdGalactus, or howMuch CrAss lovd thatcher, yeh ? if thereWas realAlternative i'd b using it. howCan i downgrade, NoSecurity updates, thx for %^#$&% nothing ff4 O BTW i giv TecSppt 2loads ofPepl but i won't Brecomndin FF AT ALL until it's FIXED ! ! !
- Luckily, i changed the interface back to 3.6
- fukin home icon on the other side
- @Bisquack ikr. the new layout is so confusing. it sucks.
- Hasn't he just described Chrome? but just the updated one?
- Add Block Plus is the only reason why I use FireFox.
- Firefox has always been better than Chrome due to customizations. Speed differences only vary by 1-3 seconds on eaach browsers.
- Firefox 4 is a great step forward. I was about to switch to opera or chrome from firefox 3 since I've read about the great speed differences. firefox 4 is still a bit slower, but I love the new chromish look and organization. i might have some sentimental bias towards firefox since it was my first "smart" browser. but I really do feel like it's a serious competitor again.
- @HeyItPat Well seeing all these comments, i will keep 3.5.11 :P
- @0takuMetalheadGamer you can
- I will use FF4 if i can keep my personas skin :P
- I just love my Firefox 4 <3 All the apps I use is compatible, it looks a lot better than previous and my avast Webrep does not look like shit like in IE9.