A Solution For The Firefox Not Responding Issue

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A Solution For The Firefox Not Responding Issue - Suddenly i saw when i am taring to open Mozilla Firefox profile there shoeing Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible. What to do?
- i was having the same problem, deleted bookmarks i dont use & found a couple i didn't install,
i'm sorted, did the trick,
thanks for the info....
- Did not work for me, cannot find many bookmarks (unless they are "hidden" somewhere), my problem seems to be a different one...
- Get to the chopper!
- go to firefox options top right, click add ons then plugins then disable shockwave flash. bingo
- Are you still having problems?
Redo this video and just get to the point.
- I didn't hear any fix for it throughout the video...
- It is a compatibility issue. Change the compatibility to Vista. The problem will be fixed. It has nothing to do with bookmarks or what not. It is usually in Windows XP (Service Pack 3)! Cheers Mario
- Hello! I am having some problems with my firefox browser. I have checked my firewall and it seems to be set correcly. My other browsers are working fine but I keep getting server not found error with firefox. Not sure what to do
- What the hell happened?? Firefox used to be such a great browser, but now it's such a piece of shit!
- you have a beautiful accent.

and for anyone who has negative comments, at least he is making a video to try and help other people.
- um... not at all a solution. get rid of this useless video.
- I don't even have any bookmarks and the browser still crashes on me daily/regularly. It's getting annoying. I think I'm done with Firefox.
- Lol f ing
- By By FireFox. I am done with you. You suck. I get better response from a rabid Puppy dog who just ate a one ounce bag of Marijuana.
- Thanks So Much Mario! Helped A Lot!!! ;D
- Do you know you can save bookmarks by going to show all book marks and then clicking import and backup option!!!
- I had to not only uninstal firefox but i had to delete all my bookmarks and cookies and others stuffs, that way it worked again. But guess if im happy....
- Yes, if you can miss it. I run CCleaner after every session on the Internet. In the meantime I completely switched to Chrome by the way even though it's quite slow.
- so its a bookmark thing ok thanks should i delete some of my history too