Add-ons and Tweaks I do to Firefox Web Browser

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Dyskusje o Add-ons and Tweaks I do to Firefox Web Browser

Add-ons and Tweaks I do to Firefox Web Browser - What's the name of the theme that you're using?
- chrome users, theres a flash editor by the name of FlashControl :) it works very well since the firefore addon he mentioned isn't on chrome :c (sorry Quid if this isn't allowed to be mentioned) but.. it would be cool for a chrome addons you use video if you use any at all? :)
- Can i use flash blocker with noscript nowadays?
- Thanks! This video was quite interesting. After watching this video I've decided to try out "Search by Image for Google" and "Flashblock". In terms of other Firefox add-ons, I tend to be fond of "OmniSidebar".
- Great video. Thanks.  Where can I get a CSV file to import trackers and ad sites into Block Site?  Or where is a list of sites so I can manually add them?  
- After Firefox updated to 34.0.5 on my Manjaro Systems, the flashblock addon quit working.  Firefox disables it because it is no longer compatible.  I hope it gets updated.
- What theme is that
- Firefox Add-ons and Tweaks
This is an excellent tutorial aimed at Firefox users. The reviewer uses Linux but his video will be of equal interest to all Firefox users, no matter what your operating system is. (If you do use Linux he has lots of other useful tutorials all well explained and demonstrated.
(C)+quidsup   #firefox   
- +quidsup Could you please post the complete user agent your using to force the BBC player to get HTML5? I wanted to try this trick by myself on several sites that I visit mostly. ;)

Edit: I tried some user agents and indeed some sites start playing content without Flash. ;)
- how use block site?
- cool going to use the youtube high defintion one to pull down the videos to 360p so they always play smoothly
- Nice tips mate!
- 7:27 Please post the Value for keyword.URL.
Edit: Got it on the website.
- 0:40 Could you post the full contents of your BlockSite Blacklist in the shownotes or other place? Thanks.

Why don't you block via the /etc/hosts file instead of BlockSite?
- the keyword url hack is just lovely.

would install again!
- Quids, I gather you don't like Anti Viruses.  I understand where your comming from, and I agree they are not a hundred percent effective.  I watched this video you made "Add-ons and Tweaks I do to Firefox Web Browser"  I decided to try all your "Add-on" Suggestions.  I installed them on to my Firefox on my Windows 7 machine and my Manjaro Linux Machine.  Today my Anti Virus (Avast) gave me a big warning, saying that I'm using an untrusted plug in.  It wanted me to remove the Youtube Video and Audio Downloader.  What is your opinion about this?
- Try YouTube Center!
- thank you for sharing :)
- What theme do you use for firefox?