Amazon Publisher Studio Firefox Extension

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Dyskusje o Amazon Publisher Studio Firefox Extension

Amazon Publisher Studio Firefox Extension - Sounds like a neat little tool!
- Amazon has introduced the Publisher Studio Extension for Firefox and Google Chrome. Earlier in July 2014, Amazon had introduced the Publisher Studio tool that could be used on live blogs or websites.

The Publisher Studio extension is a bit different, in the sense that this new browser extension allows Amazon associates to get relevant product links directly on the social media site like Facebook or Twitter, instead of having to go to the Amazon Associate website.

Currently, the Publisher Studio extension is in beta and only works on Facebook and Twitter, though it will work on Google+ and YouTube once they are activated (I assume this will probably be after the beta testing phase).

I think it's a useful tool to have especially to link relevant Amazon products on blogs and websites. I don't think I would use it so much on social media sites, but it's good to have. #AmazonPublisherStudio #AmazonAssociateProgram