ATARI - Firefox - HD

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ATARI - Firefox - HD - Stephen. Hawkins is flying the firefox. Lol
- 1:52 The glorious tunes of the POKEY sound chip.
- @123456RaulMorales once you have the firefox.chd in it's own directory (unzipped, better for performance) then download the old MAME version (v0.141) that'll play firefox, good luck.
- @123456RaulMorales ok, sounds like your trying to include the firefox.chd into the zip with the rom, no need to do that, in your rom directory create a new folder and name it firefox and place the firefox.chd in there and it should run example - \mame\roms\firefox\firefox.chd You may need an earlier version of MAME to run Firefox as the later versions don't play the video - (get MAME version above v0.128 but not the latest)
- Dear @pcvideogamer :I already have the firefox.chd and I still cannot play firefox because the laserdisc firefox.chd is too big for the need your help on this.
- @garry12gg You could revert to an older version of MAME above v0.128, it was working for me, i updated mine to 0.142u3 and checking now mine crashes, so try to revert and hopefully it'll work for you.
- @garry12gg crashes for me also, see here : mametesters(dot)org/view(dot)php?id=4340
- When I try and play it, MAME crashes. Can you try and help me?
- @IMDRanged yeah :) that was an Atari worker... :)
- I still find the cut scene with the "Gant's" hands pulling up on the arcade controls hilarious. Thank you for posting this. Brings back some fond arcade memories.
- @pcvideogamer I put the CHD into set 1, redownloaded the ROM and it works. The audit feature doesn't want to add it to the "available games," but it works non the less. Thanks.
- @philiptwood Well my path to the CHD is : EMU\mame\roms\firefox - in there is the "firefox.chd" which is just over 12 gigabytes, using firefox (set 1) in MAMEUI64 (Jul 29) thats it really, what errors do you get?
- @pcvideogamer I have it too along with set 1 and 2, but I couldn't get it to work. How did you get yours to work?
- @philiptwood yes i did, but i also had the 11 gigabyte CHD file to go with it :)
- Did you use MAME 32GUI? How did you get it to work?
- The Sky is better, than in the High End games u got real Clouds