Battle of the Browsers 2: Chrome vs Firefox (vs Chromium)

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Battle of the Browsers 2: Chrome vs Firefox (vs Chromium) - PUFFIN
few years ago I didn't have a computer and was using some cheap android that was no good.But any way with puffin Web browser from play store I was able to play full Facebook games. Keep in mind I hand a piece of crap phone and Facebook games where not ment to be ran on a phone but it could be done. I just in now and then when I just need flash on my phone. chrome on android don't do flash. I swear now that I have a pc I still do us it besides school and like rooting . 
- Firefox 64 bits (beta) is available now:

Personally I don't like UI. Therefore I use FXChrome.

On my Nexus 5 I prefer Firefox, because of ABP.
- What do u guys prefer on a MacBook Pro..... Chrome or Firefox?
- My favourite open source project is Wing Commander Saga. It's a completely free fan-made total conversion of FS2 set in the Wing Commander universe, and it's so beautiful it could have easily been a commercial game. The gameplay is also great. Even though they do not (yet) support Linux, the game runs perfectly in WINE with no complications, extra bugs, or problems whatsoever. Spaceflight sims are my favourite genre of games, and I absolutely loved Privateer II. I even catalogued each ship by hex code in the game so I could edit my save to pilot any ship. With Origin Systems gone, and no one around to make our beloved WC games, this is a very good modern recreation of good old fun, I guess. OH GOD I JUST REALISED I SOUND LIKE AN ADVERTISER NOW SORRY.
- no love for opera :(
- Touched on a lot of good points regarding flash and pepperflash. As much as I am looking for a better portable browser better than chrome. There are still too many sites that use flash. I have tried firefox, SRware Iron, Chromium and the last two is unable to support all components of html5, causing youtube videos to be stuck at 360p. Firefox does not support all as well but is fine up to 720p, Installing flash on the three browsers is possible and will allow 1080p videos to be played.
- The two browsers I've been bouncing back and forth between are Opera and Seamonkey. What are your thoughts on Seamonkey vs Firefox? I like the integrated suite in Seamonkey, especially the RSS reader in the mail program, though Thunderbird is certainly a solid competitor.
- As of version 35, Chrome does not support Netscape plug-ins... Firefox still does. Therefor, I dumped Chrome completely and went to Firefox on all platforms. I've been very happy. I haven't noticed an increase in crashes on either Windows or Linux and I think it's actually a bit faster. Also, Google has turned Chrome into a pipeline to Google services and they are sniffing everything you do. I was an early Chrome beta tester and I'm very sad to see where it has gone. :)
- I use Google Chrome within Windows. And while I have many different web browsers installed. The main problem I have with firefox is it's very unstable. I've had it crash on me when having only 3 tabs open. And it happened randomly when I wasn't even using it. Was just sitting on my third monitor. So that's a big problem they need to fix. And if they don't ever fix it. Then I'm just gonna stick with google chrome. Like you mentioned some people have had completely different experience with firefox. I know a couple of people that not only haven't had it crash on them like that. But have had more problems with chrome. So everyone' experience is different. Although there is some truth to Firefox have some sort of crashing issue that might have to do with how it handles the memory or something along those lines.
- For Linux, I'd say Chrome is better than Firefox for viewing videos because when you're viewing videos in Firefox, the videos will stop at a certain point but you'll still hear the audio of the videos that you're watching. Chrome, on the other hand, doesn't do that, but at same time, it does tend to freeze for me, sometimes, but it's rare when it happens.
- I am a Mint user, using the Chrome Browser. I do love the add ons on Firefox, but something about the general feel and user interface feels very 1997, which is kind of depressing. Chrome is very smooth and modern, which matters a lot if everything you do is in the browser, particularly if you are utilizing Chrome Developer Tools. Firefox also seems very slow in comparison. Favorite open source project: Gimp. I mostly love the idea of it. If we can make it good enough to where it can replace Photoshop in a professional setting, then, coupled with the coming Steam compatibility layer, very few people will have any reason to have to use Windows, or even OSX, for that matter. Now we just have to work on DAWs and advanced motion effects, and open source can completely and realistically replace proprietary software. 
- I've been using firefox for ages now. Not a single crash. Moreover it feels a lot more mature than chrome. Perhaps it's my imagination but that's the feeling i get when using both. There's another issue in chrome which is a deal-breaker form me: chrome doesn't allow you to download videos even after adding an extension to do it. I also hate the fact that it is so intrusive in terms of the extensions that a user prefers to use. Chrome allows itself to deactivate extensions that a user added and needed. Firefox is much more better in this respect. Add whatever extension you want, download all the videos you prefer, it never interferes with user choices.  
- I am Mint user, i primarily use firefox, but i am developing WebRTC app, which i extensively test on both the browsers, so what I have noticed is,
Problems in firefox:
1)  considerably slower than chrome in running JS intensic stuff,
2) yet to support webp format, which making recording screens complicated,

Why I hate chrome:
1) WebAudio does not work unless the source of audio is your hardware,
2) The fault might be mine of writing incorrect JS code, Firefox alerts me almost immediately, calling the script unresponsive, but chrome lives forever in the hanged tab before responding, this can be really frustaing at times,
3) Chrome sometimes takes it's own sweet time in fixing some bugs,
4) n i am saving the best for the last, even thought it is not chrome's fault, google is pushing this, n firefox is gonna give in,, i am suprised that you never talked about this issue.
- I've seen GIMP mentioned below. I just don't find it easy to do even the simplest tasks. Is there a GIMP-Lite? At the moment I'm using an old verion of PainShopPro in VirtualBox to do all my graphics editing :O/
- In Windows, prefer Chrome over Firefox. But in Ubuntu, prefer Firefox over Chromium... sites just look that bit better layedout in Firefox.

Quite like Opera, and if I were new to the internet, that might be my main browser. But now, occasionally switching between two browsers if fine, I don't want to add more, then find myself hunting through a history to find a site I visited a week ago, only to eventually remember I was using another browser at the time :O)
- Does Gimp count as an open source project? It has huge problems... especially with the way it handles text, but I'm not thrilled with the commercially available replacements and with enough imagination, I can do just about anything I need to with it. I have never had a problem with Firefox, but your point about the sandboxing thing is enough to make me think about changing over. It would be super frustrating to crash in the middle of an upload.
- Great video Christopher.  I really enjoyed watching this.  I use Chromium and Firefox on Linux, but I also use Opera 12.  I've been a longtime Opera user and I'm really sad to see that the new versions are based on Chromium.  I also miss the Opera Unite feature they used to have that made it really easy to share files with friends regardless of the operating system they used.  
- My favorite FOSS is ... Linux!
- Hmm, interesting. I run chrome-unstable on Calculate Linux I have never had an issue out of the browser. IMO I really like the OpenDaylight project as far as open source projects go, there are tons of others that this one is the first that comes to mind.
- It is a matter of personal preference! For me in my case if one of the three browsers (Firefox,Chrome,Chromium) they starting to fail then I switch immediately to another browser for a quite sometime until the matter is resolved in the next update of one of a these browsers.

In case of what Firefox version I'm currently running??!! I'm using ESR 24.x which I believe it's more stable and not chromefashioned like latest RELEASE 32.x of Firefox. But that's just me! ANYWAAAY

At least I'm not stuck in the same browser over and over again! That's something! Right? LOL!