Battle of the Browsers: Chrome vs Firefox, Final Thoughts

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Battle of the Browsers: Chrome vs Firefox, Final Thoughts - got to say bull shit google leaks pws its slugish
- I use Mint 17 on my computers, and the laptop developed some weird problem, so I played with Fedora 21, thinking I might change, although I really like Mint.  That said, what I found was that Chrome is REALLY hard to install in Fedora 21, at least for a novice Fedora user.  Fedora is a LOT different than Mint, although I can get Cinnamon on both.  Is there some significance for making Chrome so hard to get/use on Fedora?
- chrome all the way..worried about privacy..your privacy is irrelevant as soon you log in to the matter what browser ...
- Firefox 64 bits (beta) is also available now:
- The ability to set exceptions when you turn off cookies is available in Firefox out of the box as well. You can also disable Javascript if you use the command line, but you can't set exceptions for that.
- Mozilla is working on adding sandboxing/multiprocess to Firefox. The project is called Electrolysis it is just taking a long time because it involves fundamental changes to the browser. ETA on stable release is November 3, 2015 version 42.

- sexy accent... mmm.. yeeeah....
- My experience with chrome is the opposite,Firefox hogs memory and crashes more often, while I don't have those with chrome.  Chrome supporting encrypted media extensions is a plus,since I use Netflix. As far as other browsers go, opera is pretty good.
- I have used firefox all the time. no problem at all. I have all my favourite extensions working including a video downloader which google chrome wouldn't allow me to use as an extension. Google chrome has even went so far as to disable extensions I personally added and need in my production. Concerning polish, I find firefox a lot more polished than google chrome especially ifyou consider how well each of them integrate seamlessly into the Linux desktop (Unity for instance). As to resource consumption, again firefox is the winner here. It seems strange but yeah, firefox uses less ram than google chrome. Take a look at the following image of my system monitor. Both firefox and chrome are open with two youtube tabs. Firefox uses one single process of 464.6 MiB whereas chrome uses multiple processes, and if you add up all the processes used by chrome, they very easily exceed the 600 MiB ram consumption. See for youself:
- had always used moxzilla, but then went to google voice as my main phone for business, and that is so well integrated with chrome, so now I use both.
- The High DPI support for Chromium Browser is poor. I installed Linux Mint 17.1 on the VMWare Fusion (Virtual Machine) in my MacPro with Retina, but just cannot get the suitable resolution of Chromium...Any suggestions? But Firefox doesnt have such a problem. 
- Weird coincidence, I'm actually compiling chrome at the moment. I use Chromium and Chrome-Unstable on Linux. I've tried to use Firefox but I just cant, it dosen't feel the same.
- Excellent video, Christopher.  Personally, I primarily use Firefox on Windows and Chrome on Linux.  The reason for my choices is that I've encountered a strange problem with Firefox on multiple Linux systems where the text on a page becomes blurry when scrolling even when hardware acceleration is not enabled.  If anyone knows of another solution to fix this issue, I'd love to hear about it. 
- I have to bring up "scriptSafe" (which I think use to be called something different) .... anyway .. that is a "noscript-like" alternative for Chrome/Chromium
- Honestly, I use Chrome and Chromium more than Firefox on Linux. I use both Chrome and Chromium for videos. Firefox, on the other hand, I use for downloading. I don't really worry about privacy too much.
- Please do a Zorin OS First Impressions. 
- Have you ever used the telegram instant messenger?
- Nice. Comprehensive and informative. Couple of thoughts. I am a linux enthusiast and user, but my machine is broken at the moment, so I'm back to a user account on the wife's WIN-7 box... I like and use Chrome, the wife prefers Firefox. Long ago, Firefox had a bug where you could exit, but at least one Firefox instance kept running in the background. (Windows.) It could and did bleed memory. That was listed as a bug by firefox, and I was on their mailing list about it, for nearly five years... They never quite did figure out what was going on, but it certainly used to happen. It seems to have faded a bit, but I think it still goes on sometimes. Second, the wife likes to trawl facebook, and has webmail at Yahoo. She logs out and lets me log in, switch user, so we're both on. What I then find is that (her) Firefox is using about 4 Gig of memory... So I go and look. There will be about 8 ~ 10 tabs open, but the offending two are Yahoo mail and Faceplant. Both can and do consume RIDICULOUS amounts of memory, in FireFox, in WIN-7. Trying to explain this, to the semi technical wife, who wants all her stuff left alone, not so easy. Whether those two sites would / do cause the same problems with other browsers, I don't know. But they can sure consume outrageous amounts of RAM in the old mozilla.
- I have both installed on my computer but I do tend to use Google Chrome simply because Mozilla Firefox tends to crash more frequently than Google Chrome from past experience.

This was an interesting video so thanks, and happy new year!