Best Android Browser? - Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Dolphin HD vs. Opera Mini

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Dyskusje o Best Android Browser? - Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Dolphin HD vs. Opera Mini

Best Android Browser? - Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Dolphin HD vs. Opera Mini - My favorite is Chrome
- Dolphin for the win
- Best people friend 
- What's the best browsing app to search for people ( like family members ). I use the Opera Mini browser.
- What phone is that?
- Chrome z de bext
- Can someone explain this: I enjoy Opera as I had it on my HTC Amaze until it was time to move to something new. My LG G3 doesn't work well with Opera. It always shrinks everything down to microscopic size. The buttons on the Opera browser are VERY tiny and I can't get them any larger. Why does it do this? I've gone into settings and changed them to "large" but this has no effect on the size of the buttons. For example: when using a search engine like Google, the search button is a VERY tiny 2x2mm pixel and I can hardly see it. Why does the G3 keep shrinking everything down? I'm thinking about switching to something else because I'm so frustrated.
- Yes dolphin has it all and i like to put it the way i want. But, it's not the smootest, at least in compare with crhome.
- Firefox is fast but it won't play youtube videos. Why?
- 1 Word: Yandex
Best looks, Best features, Best speed
Features: Safe Search, Easy Syncing, Turbo Mode etc,
Looks: Amazing modern looks
Speed: Amazing in Turbo Mode (Depending on your speed, mine is fast so it's amazing)
- I guess it wasn't just my device. I really like firefox easy interface and navigation.. Bookmarks are a breeze to find... but what irritates me is the scrolling because it's too slow that is why google chrome makes me always sticks around.. I tried dolphin hd on my old phone, and I liked it, but it doesn't look good on my new phone.. I haven't tried opera mini yet but will.. Overall I really like chrome because of its simplicity.. I do find that chrome uses a lot of data and consumes more battery than the other browser though..
- Dolphin: never heard of it!
Opera: it's ok
- Try the "CM Browser". It is really good!
- Trust me, Dolphin is the best if you only have an Android device. However, if you have a PC or laptop with Windows, especially Windows 8, Firefox is the best as you can sync and/or transfer just about everything from your PC and/or laptop to your Android devices. With that said, what I've learned to do is have both Firefox and Dolphin on my  Android tablet and smartphone, where I transfer from my laptop to my tablet and smartphone newer bookmarks, files, photos, etc..., using Firefox sync, then transfer from Firefox to Dolphin on my tablet and/or smartphone, as Dolphin is my preferred browser on Android.
- opera mini rules indonesia
- My favourite browser is dolphin
- All android browsers run on java virtual machine, therefore they are all very slow and useless.