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BEST CHROME/FIREFOX EXTENSION!: Hola Unblocker! - They got the app for android to
- Did the name change to "Hola Better Internet?" That's what I get when I click on the link for Chrome. I am on HP Chromebook 14.
- I can't download that idk why...everytime I try to download it this shows ->An error has occurred   NETWORK_FAILED
- Skip to
2:26 to skip all the jibber jabber.  Thanks for the video though, very useful
- Hello this is callum ritchie helpful video but isn't it illegal when you use it for netflix?
- Since it's in the own google chrome store it can be trusted, awesome extension :)
- Only 5$ for 1 month subscription support them pls really useful ....!
- hola extension also installs the conduit search malware.

1. Scanned my computer - no results
2. installed hola
3. re-scanned my pc, found conduit search malware

so it's not free
- The UN blocker app that opens and plays music and videos that aren't available where you ARE!
- Bro, after you enabled the extension you totally forgot to block your IP address
- I tried searching for it on the chrome app store and could find anything except "Hola better Internet"... your link in the description box takes me there as well.... is it no longer called "Hola Unblocker"? or did they remove that one and now only have the better internet one?
- it doesnt start, it just says try to reload
- doesn't work with firefox 24.0...
- no
- Its NOT FREE nor is it secure. It wants register then it wants access to your address book & data. Why?
- is this illegal
- it's also blocked in the UK.
- Thank you!!!
- If you dont know what pandora is you can kill yourself