Best Firefox Security Plugins

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Best Firefox Security Plugins - flash block is good,
ad know what it is
- Clicks Links OOH Facebook!
- these webutations are retarded
- is firefox public
- Oi meu celular é um pouco lento
- my cat's breath smells like cat food
- I knew about some of these addons already but thanks for making me aware of the other ones!
- i cant deal with no script and https blocks everything
- you forgot mailvelope, lets you use PGP encryption in your webmail
- My EE ISP blocks some site like The Pirate Bay & Solar Movie but now using https everywhere can unblock the sites without need change proxy. Thanks so much for this video!
- It is a must for some people to add-on no script, but the trouble is to access the webmail. do you have any clue on how to access the web mail while keeping no script active. please help me. i am using windows 7 using firefox with to add-on on one pc and using unbuntu 14.04 TLS on the notebook
- If I might add these extensions I would not be without:  Click&Clean by, Ghostery, WebRoot Filtering Extension and an extension like Avast Online Security.  These have been doing the job for me.
Thanks for the informative video GeekBlogTV!  Look forward to more education from your videos.
- Ghostery is pretty sweet too.
- this is terrific info. how do i get to the links you are providing for easy install in this video about firefox plugins?
- Very helpful - Many thanks
- Thanks for the info... ☺
- Noscript was annoying  couldnt understand it
- Thanks.  Just added several of these Add-ons.  I'll see how they work.