Check updates manually in Mozilla® Firefox on a Windows® 7-based PC

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Check updates manually in Mozilla® Firefox on a Windows® 7-based PC - HAHAHA! why does "ABOUT Firefox" check for updates? what was the reason behind making the input to check for updates be called "ABOUT Firefox"? if this was just an additional element to the about section but making the only option to check for updates require you to clikc on the "ABOUT" button (or whatever you call things you clikc on on a computer) is not rational as one would naturally infer that the option "About Firefox" would take you to a page or window displaying other information and that they would be able to click on something specifically to update the browser.
- hey it work ,, thanksssssssssssssss
- I see that you’ve already tried the steps from the ‘video solution’ for the “Could not initialize.. ” error. If the ‘cert8’ file still can’t be found and if Firefox has been reset again, I would delete every trace of Firefox from the computer including any in the registry (wouldn’t recommend you do that manually; use an ‘uninstall’ tool like Revo etc. instead). Then, download a fresh setup file from Mozilla’s website and try the installation again. Hope that helps.
- Hi, I appreciate your help and thanks for answering my question. I did delete that folder many times and I reinstalled FF many times, no luck. No I went to the version 12.0, but I am getting the "Could not initialize the application's security..." Thanks for helping. Optimus.
- I appreciate you asking the question anyway. This issue is generally caused if a program running on the computer (usually security software) prevents changes to certain Firefox files. Try these steps. 1. Create a System Restore Point, just in case. 2. Assuming that you still have the setup file for Firefox, close all Firefox windows and delete “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox” or “C:\Program Files(x86)\Mozilla Firefox”. 3. Reinstall Firefox. Hope it helps.
- Hi, My comment is not about this video, but I have a different question about a problem I started having with FF. It started Saturday July 21st. Here is the problem. I uninstalled FF and when I re-installed it, I keep getting this error message: Error: Platform version '12.0' is not compatible with: minVersion >=14.0.1 maxVersion <=14.0.1 Problem with XULRunner Any help will be appreciated. I did a system restore, but it didn't help.