Cherry Mobile Ace FireFox Os Unboxing and Initial Impression - ₱1,499

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Dyskusje o Cherry Mobile Ace FireFox Os Unboxing and Initial Impression - ₱1,499

Cherry Mobile Ace FireFox Os Unboxing and Initial Impression - ₱1,499 - Galeng ng review and presentation keep it up sir!
- Hindi nakaconnect sa wifi. sabi offline pero yong ibang device naman na nakakaconnect. Help.
- pde ba mkpag coc d2? hahahha
- thanks for the video, hope you're spine and neck is recovering well para maalis na yan. 2 thumbs up on your unboxing of cm ace :-)
- What happened to your neck?? Hope ur ok.. Nice video..
- I bought one out of curiousity, I immediately gave it away after 10 mins of fiddling with the unit. SUCKS big time 
- my god! you spent more than a minute just to unbox! 
- I just bought it today at SM North Edsa Annex, im just frustrated everytime i touch the home key, it just vibrate makes drain it so fast. Iv'e tried to off the vibration sound in keyboard and sound setting, still the vibration everytime i touch the home key persist? Any solution in this matter sir? Thanks! 
- nice gumawa ng advertisements
- Pano I root to sir?
- What happened to your neck?
- Thank God you're BACK....stay stronger.
- Good review, nice Camera angle and lighting. thumbs up for this video
- Does it come with accessibility features like large text or a customizeable font size in ze messaging app? 
- This phone is terrible. The wifi keeps disconnecting for some reason the phone is laggy and worse of all if you turned it off took the battery out then for some reason (like changing memory cards or sim cards) You will not be able to connect to the market facebook and some apps you will need to factoryreset it for it to work properly again. Also they took the accelorometer and proximity sensor away. Plus there are better choices in its price range like droidz easy and cherryM spin just add 200 php which is a more enjoyable phone. I wanted to try Firefox os. The os itself is too young for anybody to enjoy but it does have potential. They should improve the hardware it is in.
- Nakakuha po ako nang Cherry mobile ace sa Field Trip [Raffle] Tapos di po sya Firefox tapos ung sd card po ng pwede hanggang 32 dyan po ay 16,Mas madami pong advantages dyan kaya okay lang pero marami din pong dis avantagesa both phone.

Thanks for unboxing
- Galeng kaya ng accent mo sir. Pahumble ka pa. New subbie. ^_^
- Stupid phone.. Garbage phone with a garbage OS. I prefer the prehistoric Symbian OS than Firefox. I don't know why Cherry keeps on releasing such dumb phones. Cherry should focus on Droid and Windows.
- looks similar to iOS tho
- Can i ask? What Software/App did you use to edit your Video thank you:)