Chrome vs Firefox 5 .clone (jquery)

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Dyskusje o Chrome vs Firefox 5 .clone (jquery)

Chrome vs Firefox 5 .clone (jquery) - I have the same problem. On google chrome, IE and safari my jquery is very fast and clean, but on firefox it lags like hell. If i find a solution i will share it with you. One of the things i found for now is that you might want to try to make the animation through CSS3 perhaps that helps.
- I mean : The speed between chrome and firefox must be the same. I need to fix this problem.. :)
- @djfonplaz what do you main??
- @ThePatrykfilm9000 serch for "Why is this jQuery animation so SLOW on Firefox 4/5?" on google :)
- @ThePatrykfilm9000 Would be nice if someone can help me! Really I don't understand why! I've also opened a discussion on stackoverflow
- wtf! why do you have the updated firefox and chrome but you have still internet explorer 8! Upgrade ie9 becuase its even fast and safer as both browsers. And make then a video over chrome vs firefox vs ie9! Also a good video!