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CHROME VS FIREFOX BATTLE - Um... IE does have CSS and HTML 5 support!
- I use firefox beacuse google chrome is realy slow and firefox is fast
- Common guys its just web browser only that chrome has already flashplayer installed but not firefox so whats wrong with firefox and chrome "internet explorer" if we din't have it we never could get chrome or firefox
- good thing of each 3 browser
Internet Explorer - first browser in the world in in the computer it easy to get because you get at the first time you open the computer
FireFox - can connect to any place that ton of far from the computer
Google Chrome - good connection can connect to half of the world from side to other side and have super good speed
bad thing of each 3 browser
Internet Explorer - bad connection and very slow speed
FireFox - because it for connecting far doesn't mean it great at any other it have bad thing is that it have a lag very often then google chrome
Google Chrome -cannot connect to some website that need FireFox
- both lose and win?
- I use Google Chrome for some reaseon...
- I hate Firefox now😡
- Chrome1
- Firefox for life!
- Why you forget Opera
- Google chrome is the best :P
cough NO ADS WOOHOO cough
- Safari anyone?
- Chrome vs Firefox!
- Chrome vs Firefox!
- это из gtasa!!!
- I use IE as main and Chrome as secondary, but i always end up never use Chrome
- Chrome could never say that:You made me like the "fucking" Apple logo.
- Thanks for the giggles!
- so funny. Firefox is the best