Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Safari - Mac

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Dyskusje o Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Safari - Mac

Chrome vs. Firefox vs. Safari - Mac - what recording software do you use?
- there's no point in making these types of videos. Browsers change so rapidly these days...
- how do you highlight more than one app not next to each other at once
- I love Chrome and Google in general but on my MBA, safari is so much prettier and faster. Anything Windows- Chrome wins, but on Mac I Safari is really close to being the winner. The only thing keeping Chrome #1 on Mac is its ability to sync all browsers, use different profiles, and auto zoom (on the smaller screens).
- @gmanist1000 Actually, Safari stopped bouncing in the dock before chrome did.
- @gmanist1000 My point was, scientific or not, your test doesn't test what you intended to test.
- @srki80 good thing this isn't a scientific test.
- Your tests are invalid. In order to do a valid test you will have to time each browser individually or test them at the same time on 3 different machines (identical specs). The way you do it the tests are inherently invalide because of the way CPU scheduling and threads work. Cheers.
- You know I am finding Safari to be really good on the Mac. On Windows it's a nightmare. I know Chrome probably is a bit faster or more stable, but I can't give up Safari.. I'm too addicted now to all the gestures. lol
- safari sucsk on pcs google chrome is alot faster on pcs so yea it depends
- safari sucsk on pcs
- @Alibeat01 Very well pointed out!
- my Lacie Rikkiki is so cold
- Chrome is the best.
- 1. Google Chrome > Speedy as hell 2. Mozilla Firefox >Not enough speedy as chrome but a lot of usefull apps. 3. Safari> shiny, for comfortable browsing!
- With the recent build Chrome definitely loads faster, I am pretty sure this will change in the future for Safari on the OS X platform. Personally I am not fussed about launch times but more about the technology, ergonomics and philosophies behind the browser. FIrefox is my answer.
- a test bad... only open the browser? :/