ClearTechInfo's Top 10 Favorite Firefox 3 Add-ons

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ClearTechInfo's Top 10 Favorite Firefox 3 Add-ons - Thanks champ
- typewriter?
- Firefox users, enter this into your address bar it will benefit you greatly ;)
- How do you get googlepedia and speed dial above the taps ?? want to post youtube there better faster
- Freakin' sweet! THANKS for the share. I never thought of that. :-) Joey
- I actually find adBlock excellent for ripping videos. Their clicking the button and going through the 'object subrequests' will show all the flv and mp4 files called by any Flash movie. Just right-click the right file
- Yes, use SpeedDial. Works great and there are constant updates that help improve it all the time. It has many options I am sure you would love. :-)
- It's fast dial. Sorry i just realized they are two different things. They seem to be very similar but speed dial i imagine is the one i need. I was thinking of putting some of my most used links in fast dial window and then when i would control + T i would have quick access via a click.
- Thanks. Are you talking about "Fast Dial" or "Speed Dial"? They are two different add-ons. Joey
- Great Vid Joey. However i have a problem with Fast Dial. I can't seem to load fast dial as a new tab even selecting this option in the fast dial preferences.
- k cause you sound like someone i know named ryan
- nope. Joey
- just a guess is your name ryan?
- This was recorded during the 1st couple of months of creating tutorials. It was a learning experience. :-) Sorry for the n00b echo, lol. - Joey
- You are welcome. :-) I hope the subs worked well. - Joey
- dude ur awesome thanx i just had to sub
- Haha, fair enough. Your mouse just sounds like one of those old 1990s mice, the mechanical ones with rubber balls, hahaha.
- lol. The mouse I used in the video is a Logitech MX Revolution. About 5 years old I guess. The sound you hear is an effect from the video editor. - Joey
- oh dear... the clicking of your mouse sounds... old. Don't tell me you have one of those crazy old loud mice...
- The theme just makes everything smaller. Every other mod is listed in the, Get Maximum Web Browsing Space tutorial. WOT looks like a very good add-on if it protects you from websites like it claims. It looke like it might be a very good/free preventative measure against sites that try to download a virus to your computer.