CNET Update: Firefox dumps Google for Yahoo

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Dyskusje o CNET Update: Firefox dumps Google for Yahoo

CNET Update: Firefox dumps Google for Yahoo - Another reason to use chrome.
- I've added the privacy conscious Startpage, as my preferred search engine to Firefox. It doesn't store my IP addresses, search results, cookies ... not a darn thing.
- Yahoo and Firefox. 2 relics from last decade 
- ha stronger iphone glass isn't the issue it's the force applied of the impact that damages the sensor of the glass that breaks the phone, glass can get stronger but still doesn't protect the chips inside from impact damage
- awe look, yahoo takes in another failed company
- Yahoo sucks!!!
- Firefox admit that you are dead!
- Uh, my opinion is YAHOO US BAD GOOGLE ROCKS! That's my opinion. So don't fight over it.
- Chrome is super glitchy and slow but unfortunately Firefox no longer plays nice with Mac OS X. :>(

I use Opera now and occasionally the sub par Safari. 
- Strength over thinness = form follows function
- Corning, I don't care if it's thinner, just make it stronger. 
- Corning wouldn't be where they are to day if it weren't for Steve Jobs.....
- I have used Chrome for the past 4 years. It's better. Yahoo should just give up. They are not relevant anymore.
- 100 million is a pittance
- Weeeeeeeee... already knew that Amazon had robots in their warehouses. 
- 2:30-2:42

I thought people knew this already lol. 
- Yes, people might want a stronger screen, but the phone being lighter and thinner is something you can point to in keynote. More shatter resistant isn't something people can see.
- I prefer thiner
- .............then i gonna dump u to chrome!!!