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Comments Corner - Firefox Web Browser - Some Linux users prefer Chromium over Chrome because you can install pepper flash within Chromium, then update it. 
- Love iceweasel and its cool debian decided to keep with the long term support of firefox then trying keep up with all version updates.
- Its geek ehtics more then anything. Chromium is the open-source version with all the sticky privcy watching turned off by default.
- I'm not sure why so many linux users prefer chromium over chrome. Chrome has debian support, and since chromium is a couple of versions behind of chrome, not sure to the appeal.
- No comment.
- Commenting on comments based on previous comments which I later commented, what was the question again :)
- Seems better for me also on XFCE
- Sorry mate Linux mint 13 xfce also have it on Lubuntu 12.10 and runs good
- Hi Total i am running Linux Mint 13 fyi thanks
- I think the caching only works if you turn on Turbo/Off Road, other than that it's a direct connection to the internet
- I think the "Firefox specific" virus being referred to may be Hand of Thief which is actually Linux specific, other than that, each of the browsers have bugs so you're probably as likely to be caught out by a Chrome/Webkit specific gotcha as a Firefox/Gecko one, personally I'm an Opera fan, though Opera 12 is no longer being and Opera 15 is Webkit-based and doesn't yet have have all the features of Opera 12. Safari is Mac only, Apple killed the Windows version.
- i use chrome on Linux not chromium because of flash and it the one i run on windows there is no chromium for windows there use to be a long time a go i no because i use to tested and played a round with it and play spot the difference
- tostoday chromium is the open souse version of chrome but you can get chrome on Linux/ubuntu by tying it in google and downloading the deb from googles site the main differences between them is chromium is the open souse version of chrome and it is more up-to-date but it dose not have it own version of flash so you end up using the out of date version but chrome comes with it own version of flash built in and up to date but the verson of the browser is a few builds behind chromium
- Iceweasel in debian jessie / sid is version 17.0.8. No problems for me, but I generally do not have more than two tabs open and close the browser when I'm done with whatever. Just an old habbit from a past life as a programmer. When memory leaks were a given and just the lay of the land. On the laptop with half the ram of the desktop, I have to disable flash and java to not crash on some sites. Pretty simple to remove the link in /etc/alternatives/. 0.5GB of ram isn't enough these days.
- If we comment on you commenting on our comments, you might later comment on those comments and it might get all confusing, especially for newbs who aren't familiar with zany satire.
- how about iceweasel?..mabe its more stable
- I was wondering if Swiftfox would replace Firefox. How easy is it to load java and flash in Opera. Firefox will continue in Ubuntu 13.10 but the discussion is still active to replace Firefox for the next LTS release.
- I've been playing with the Qupzilla browser lately. It's built on the qt framework and has the look and feel of FireFox with a much better configuration center. It's lightweight and is running as fast as Chrome. It has adblock and flash block integrated.
- Chrome is available for Windows and Linux both. Chromium is the unbranded FOSS version of Chrome for Linux like Iceweasel is the unbranded FOSS version of Firefox.
- I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and Windows XP (because I'm kind of poor the past few years). After I commented about Firefox not having problems, the problems started. It's hanging while on Facebook, and crashing randomly (on XP, didn't boot up Ubuntu for a few days). Chrome on the other hand, is working fine now. Maybe it was just a certain version I had a while back that kept messing up. Opera is still running smooth for me.