Couldn't load XPCOM Firefox - How to Fix Firefox Error - But it will delete all the bookmarks and history, right? :(
- i did everything but i can't open internet explorer

I get ( there is a problem starting c:\windows\system32\inetcpl.cpl

Is there somebody who can help me???
- how can i dowmload when this error dosnt let me get on internet?..hmmm
- can you send the link of the uninstall programs i cant find it +
sandeep singh 
- I was getting the XPCOM message too. I just downloaded the latest version of Firefox (as mentioned in a comment below), and everything was restored: All my favourite bookmarks etc.
The reason why I probably got the XPCOM message was because I had just done a system restore (because I felt my computer was running slow). I probably restored to a date prior to the new upgrade, causing the problem . All good now. Thank you everyone for your help....
- All I did for the fix was quite simple.  I went back to a day on my computer when Foxfire was working, using "restore system" and the computer did the rest.  Don't disrupt the restore once you  do it.  It needs to play itself out on its own. I just did this today when I kept getting the XPCOM error message. I've never seen that error message before and thankfully it's gone now and I'm using Firefox again. I do believe I rebooted after that and it came back up with the problem fixed. 
- Thanks for you video it was very helpful
- This worked liked a "charm". Sucha breeze. Thank you so much. It took all of 5 min.
- guys please read this so easy to fix this problem just go to program files in drive C then MOZILLA MAINTENANCE SERVICE open it and then click "UNINSTALL" after that back to normal no need to download other 1.
- 'run as' box appear asking for users name and password what should i do thanks
- hey, thanks for the vid.
- and why happen this?
- need help why is my facebook private messages is smiley icons, i open my facebook in firefox please help to read the private message of my fb.. thank you
- thks a lot for your help!!!!! keep going!!!!!
- Спасибо!С вашей помощью всё получилось.Поставила Like.
- I'm trying to delete the Mozilla roaming file, it says "this file is in use, cannot delete it." I've closed all browsers, but still something's running.. It's under profiles file
- Incorrect.
You simply downgrade to an earlier version and everything stays as it was. You wont loose any content :)
- i meaned what is Win+r in windows 7.
- what is Win+r? please, anyone, answer for this question.
- you just have to download the latest version and update it. worked for me. :)