Demo WebAPIs (Firefox Nightly on Android)

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Dyskusje o Demo WebAPIs (Firefox Nightly on Android)

Demo WebAPIs (Firefox Nightly on Android) - That is a bit harsh... I don't think that his English is the problem. The presentation IS the problem though. It's to much "So;.. um...." . and yeah, the diction is bad. It really got on my nerves as well! haha. Too chatty. Cool stuff though. Everyone is an anchor man now that youtube is around.
- good job, but, it should be secure and the brower should ask user to allow to page web to use this webAPI. but, as browser is also writen in the same web tech, will it be really secure?
- I'd love to learn about WebAPI - unfortunately, all I hear is "Uh"s and static. I tried YouTube's transcribe audio, which was hilarious: "senator cochran spa products" and "sleazy pigeon". Please try again.
- 5 min batery ?
- Thanks for putting this video together!
- Very nice! Closing the gap between native and web apps on mobile devices. Guess I should start playing with Boot2Gecko too.
- What about security? I don't want a website accessing my front camera and taking some snapshots.
- As much as I would like to get up to speed the producer here should learn something about audio, it really really really bad and not worth watching, can't understand, learn how to speak English clearly and with good diction.
- Hey, I posted this on b2gcommunity - I assume this will apply to b2g too, right? News is hard to find, I'm really reaching for all I can!