Dual Boot Firefox OS On Your Nexus!

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Dyskusje o Dual Boot Firefox OS On Your Nexus!

Dual Boot Firefox OS On Your Nexus! - Does this work with custom ROMs and a different kernel?

I'm using ElementalX kernal.
- Is it possible to do this method with android and ios or Windows phone? :P would be nice 2 know thx
- Is it possible to install windows phone 10 in the multirom?
- primamnjivo... 
- did anyone try dualboot the Samsung Galaxy S #i9000 with multirom application ? This can be very interesting 
- Great job! Love techzilla
- Great job! Love techzilla
- What's your favourite rom? Mines cyanogenmod with a custom kernel so I can double tap to wake. Could you do a video about ssl vpns? 
- OLD NEXUS 4 still new for me!
- Will this work on an LG G2? I want to try it on my Nexus 7 tablet, will this also work?
- Really tempted to do this as I have a nexus 4 but I don't have a backup phone in case of bricking it so I'm a little scared.
- Interesting... I might try this on my Nexus 5 if it wasn't going to void the warranty. Don't feel like gambling with $400. Maybe after my next upgrade. QQ
- Shannon! It's great how you make your revision 3 presence larger with tekzilla! Still love hak5 though!
- guessing this isn't for a galaxy s3 right? and only nexus devices.