Enable Javascript and Update Flash Player in Mozilla Firefox

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Dyskusje o Enable Javascript and Update Flash Player in Mozilla Firefox

Enable Javascript and Update Flash Player in Mozilla Firefox - What about windows vista
- The option to enable javascript doesn't show up on my content. I need help with this :(
- why doesn't it not work still!
- You really help me watching youtube videos but i cant play flash games why what is the problem?
- Thank you sooo much
- how will ppl watch video if they dont have flash? -.- brains.com
- hi, i get this unknown error when im trying to uplaod a video also when i press the " TRY NOW " button youtube says " youtube cant upload your video something something killing the page " i dont know what that mean??? please help me
- i cant even watch this video :) because it says i need to upgrade adobe flash player
- talking e-card audio -.-"
- i can't download the effin file.i must allow adobe with firefox and i don't have a internet explorer
- @MADasaHATTER56 I know right
- I have it on my internet exploror but not on firefox? why is that?
- the site wont even load for me firefox sucks balls
- so much for using firefox
- Thanks to Peedletuck , the procedure to enable the shockwave flash worked for me . Thanks again .
- thank you soooo much!!! it worked for me!!!!! =D definitely 5 stars!! thank's!
- OK, I fixed it. I found my answer at adobe. I had to install a plug in for firefox and then I had to go to Tools -> Add-ons Plugins tab find shockwave flash and click enable. Maybe that will help others if simply installing the flash player doesn't work.
- GRRRR I am trying to fix this problem on my mother in laws computer. I ws really hoping this would work, but it didn't. She still has the same messge that you had at the beginning of your video when trying to watch a video.
- nope did all that i can watch videos i cant add annotations