Firefox 29 vs Google Chrome 35 - Browser Test 2014

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Firefox 29 vs Google Chrome 35 - Browser Test 2014 - that's weird my fire fox takes ages to load even though there's barely anything on it
- TL;DW. Summary: Chrome is faster but fatter than Firefox?
- What is ur wifi at? WEP Or WPA
- Disliked
- And internet explorer crashes on me
- Chrome runs faster for my PC than Firefox 
- June 8th is my birthday lol
- Yo Uso linux, me gustan los dos. El gran problema que que tiene en linux, es la horrible extensión de flash, perturba ambos navegadores.
- In my opinion, firefox is the better one. Chrome is just going downhill with not being able to load online games and things of the sort. It just crashes. That is probably why Firefox uses more ram, it's the better browser i do believe.
- My Google chromes startup time is 2 Seconds while Firefox is 6.
- great video man! really helped my choice
- firefox seems to be a bit of a RAM hog compared to Chrome, but I'm surprised at how far its come. I've been having a lot of problems with only Chrome not loading pages, so I've just switched back to Firefox on all devices after man, many years of Chrome use. Glad to see that the competition pushed them forward. :D
- u r a langate hub user riteee I need help plz reply as soon as possible
- Nice desktop background. Where can I get it please?
- Nice video