Firefox 3 - A walkthrough of an awesome browser

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Dyskusje o Firefox 3 - A walkthrough of an awesome browser

Firefox 3 - A walkthrough of an awesome browser - firefox rules chrome get less responsive after sometime
- Chrome FTW
- @PCWizMan you cant thumbs up on his videos
- LOL, This is a Firefox video but theres a Google Chrome add on the right. :P
- I switched from Internet Explorer, to this, then to chrome, then back to firefox. Firefox and chrome are the best
- firefail booo! go to chrome chrome is the best
- Really, Firefox and cpu= 99% sometimes and this is not a problem in explorer
- Do you have anything better to do than reply to cooments i made last summer for pete's sake? Anyways, it is defienently firefox because ff does the same thing on my three other computers too. While chrome and IE8 both start up fast. My main computer is way faster than most computers anyways and ff is still slow. Chrome is the fastest, but i like IE8 better. so yah.
- Both A) and B) My cousin's ps3 failed. D.R.E. Though.. I'm not concerned about the failure rate anyway. lol I'm more interested in the gaming selection which I love on the ps3. So I want to get one again, did you hear about the early model of the slim? failing. lol. I'm gonna wait awhile before I get mine but I want one by the time GOWIII comes out.
- Yeah, you must either: a) have a really early model b) a defective unit Most don't go bad, trust me, I have an 80GB and it's lasted me 2 years and counting.
- This is My seconond Ps3. First one YLOD on me. Not mad though, I won it online and it lasted almost 2 years lol So, I'll actually be purchasing a ps3 for the first time and at a a reasonable price(remember when it was 599?!)
- -PS3 has a web browser, but I think you should get a high-performance PC. High performance PC can play games, do catchup TV and web better than a PS3. Of course, depends whether you've got the cash for a really good PC, as a good PC costs more than a PS3. But depending on your needs, you might want to go for the PS3. Just don't go for the XBOX 360. Please. You'll need to buy another in a year.
- Oh man, I'm doing real bad. haha, All this computer is good for is music and porn pictures. Not movies, slows down PC performance. It lets me watch flash videos when it wants to and the same goes with other graphic performance. I got some money in. Don't know whether I should buy a new Tower or a ps3..Still debating.
- -That's your PC, not Firefox at fault.
- 512MB ram?! WOW, you are doing well, man... That PC must be realy slow. I'm not meaning that in a bad way, but any PC nowadays has at least 3GB RAM...
- No, Firefox isn't laggy. Your PC is laggy. The CPU usage is do to your small CPU. If your PC has a bad CPU then of course it'll say 50-70%. I have Sony Vegas, Powerpoint 2010 Beta, 3 Word files, 2 Notepad files, 2 Game development windows, a disc-printing program, and something installing, plus 4 Firefox tabs and I'm using 24% of my CPU.
- Go to the dropdown box at the top right that should say 'nintendo4ever123'. Then go to favourites. From there you should be taken to a list of favourited videos. -By the way, you should probably just have checked the YT help, not commented on a web browser video.
- Firefox is far better than google chrome, hope that helps :)
- For some reason I'm downloading a corrupt file from firefox. Anyone can help me with this.