Firefox 3 RC1 High CPU and Memory Usage? Try This Fix

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Dyskusje o Firefox 3 RC1 High CPU and Memory Usage? Try This Fix

Firefox 3 RC1 High CPU and Memory Usage? Try This Fix - Thanks a lot! Did this as well as one other thing.
- did nothing for me... still getting high memory usage message from firefox.......I am getting pissed off.
- thanks man, my firefox was taking up 1/5 of my cpu your the best!
- Thanks bro. It really works.
- great mate very easy understand
- i have never had this problem and i have a not awesome but a good processor , and i was shocked when i saw the usage ! so thx for this awesome upload and fix :)
- you're the best! tks a lot
- nop i didnt fix it
- thank you!
- how about google chrome?
- l0ll00l0l0l0l My computer went from 100% to 6%
- tysm works for fx 5
- You should find a way to do this to java
- thank you
- hi, when you use the first method, does that disable how many site you can go back to in the back button, or does that disable cache completely? my comp spec is: intel celeron cpu 2.4ghz, 767 ram, nvidia geforce4 mx 440 with agp8x. it 4-5 years old, when i run firefox, it always on the 90-100% cpu usage. i search up hacks and tips to reduce usage, so far i used the one that remove the loading icon and trim on minimize. but it drop firefox down to 50% when idol, when i use it, it jump to 80-100%
- i need video on youtube drags and it says my cpu usage is 100%. hw can i fix it? i tried diabling my automatic updates on windows but it doesnt works... please help help help
- I got shockwaveflash but is it used to play youtube vids? Anyway, it doesn't help. I downloaded google chrome and it is the same thing. It only happens when the vid is playing but not when paused and loading. I noticed there are many posts about this problem in a google search so it's not just me. Usually it is! :)
- update shockwaveflash to see if that helps
- my god i am stoopid. It is doing it again and it it is when a video(youtube) is playing. If I stop it it stops but as soon as I hit play it goes to 50'ish percent. :( Internet explorer doesn't do this.