Firefox 36 Review 2015

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Dyskusje o Firefox 36 Review 2015

Firefox 36 Review 2015 - Wish they'd stop adding features and sort out the performance
- It Has Taken Mozilla Fire-Fox and Google Chrome To A Big New Update
- He strikes again! 
- Mozilla released its updated web browser Firefox 36 on February 24, 2015. This is the second rapid release update in 2015. It includes a couple of new features and a few improvements, as well as over 3,600 bug fixes.

Based on the benchmark browser test I ran using Peacekeeper, it has shown overall improvement in performance and for the firs time (in a long time), Firefox outperforms Google Chrome.

You may want to wait to update to the latest version if you use many Firefox add-ons because many of them will not be compatible with the new Firefox 36, until the respective vendors/authors update them.
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