Firefox 4 beta 1 browser for Android walkthrough

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Dyskusje o Firefox 4 beta 1 browser for Android walkthrough

Firefox 4 beta 1 browser for Android walkthrough - downloaded this browser for my dont think i'll use up until they sort out flash player on the browser. Other than that it is a pretty good browser
- @15heartz not yet
- as i got flash player full?
- It's good for a beta, but needs a lot of work..
- Thumbs if you picked up your phone and started downloading Firefox for android before 0:30.
- @ProfDrDextar2 There are a couple. Theres "OCLF" and another one called "GST" There are even more options if you download one from XDA developers
- @sbkite whats the name of this app?
- @E1SUNZ Galaxy S captivate!
- what phone is that?
- Cool
- @sbkite Cricket also now has a couple android phones.
- the history syncs by default. there's no way of switching it off also where are the bookmarks. they are unorganized which means they are trying to move people over to tags where you can locate a bookmark though keyword(s) rather than have it in a traditional tree structure. sucks bigtime. i wonder if chrome will be any better on the android when it arrives? it certainly cant be any worse
- @RichardCamellion the galaxy s series is actually the fastest android phone out there, it just slows down because of the RFS system. You can download an app from the market that fixes that in 1 tap and 5 seconds.
- @zcraider1996smokey ATT, Verizon, Sprint, and T mobile. Pretty much everyone has a great android phone.
- They'll need to optimize it a lot and improve the rendering. But I really like the idea of Syncing bookmarks, tabs, history, etc... between a desktop Firefox and Mobile Firefox.
- Just tried this out on my T-Mobile G2. It is definitely still in beta stage, rendering looks terrible and panning isn't as optimized as they said. That being said its a more than decent alternative to googles browser.
- "oh and meamo" rofl
- That looked awful. I've seen that Firefox perform a lot better. That's buggy and laggy phone.
- @waynestateman Buy a better phone. That will solve your problem. :)
- mozilla tweeted a better review of firefox from youtuber smartkeitai