Firefox 4 Final First Look Review

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Firefox 4 Final First Look Review - @HackingFever101 no google chrome uses alot more memory
- quit talking shit about firefox and how it crashes. it works fine, and I'm using a cheap laptop, LOL, no crashes. and firefox is a memory whore? Chrome is more of a memory whore. :P
- @HackingFever101 heh, what about chrome. :P
- @SuperAli5000 ill stick with firefox you'll stick with chrome. whoever and whats best for him... in my opinion firefox is the best :)
- @HackingFever101 actually im running 44 tabs not for testing purpose, im using all these tabs, or im just saveing them up to use them later, or just some of them i forgot to close...
- @Elron4u but why would you have 44 Tabs open in the First place Test Purpose?
- @HackingFever101 Orly? im running it now with 44 tabs open, and it takes up only 662 MB Memory, and it never crushed. try open up 44 tabs on chrome10 or ie9 and see the result.
- @belthazormn1 yes right click on the home button and mess with the menu it gives you then there should be a them that makes the browser look more like 3 still haven't found anything that would make the add on menu look more 3.6
- @Aristowi o i just herd that around before i had Firefox before and my computer messed up i wasn't sure if it was cuz of Firefox
- @Br4nDoN14 Not at all
- iv herd people say firefox messes up your computer is that true?
- @DragonCuber whats the point theres no variety
- Hey, I love your videos! I recently downloaded firefox 4 and I just hate it, is there a way to make firefox 4 look like 3.6???
- why dont it scores 100 out of 100 on acid test?same 97!!
- @brizihe Standardization isn't all that bad, at least you'd be able to easily switch between the lot of them!
- @TheTramsen I prefer having the faster start up times
- @HeadfirstLuke y
- i have chrome 10, explorer 7, firefox 4, and safari 5
- Yeah But FireFox Is A Memory Whore
- I just downloaded Firefox 4 today, and it actually works pretty well.