Firefox 4 for Android

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Firefox 4 for Android - opera ftw
- @kimberlyssy I guess he's somewhere from America, the accent is anything but British.
- Operamini FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- @XxKOLOHExX Chrome To Phone on the phone doesn't care what browser you use on your phone. There is also the Fox To Phone addon for Firefox on the desktop that uses exactly the same service as Chrome To Phone, but as a Firefox addon instead of a Chrome Extension. So if you set Firefox Mobile as your default browser on your phone, and install the Fox to Phone addon in Firefox 4, you have all of the Firefox Sync features, plus the usefulness of Chrome To Phone. Firefox 4 has now passed Chrome.
- 13mb download :( move to SD 132kb left :)
- I have that on my HTC Desire and it still could be faster
- I have not downloaded it yet.
- @jasmmmm i believe its the samsung galaxy s 2
- @barnyard27 No prob ;)
- @Nnnarekkk ..Thanks anyway pal :)
- @barnyard27 Sorry its the same thing Opera Mobile with a different interface.
- @barnyard27 I am sure they will update Opera or I heard about another version called Opera Tablet its still beta. Maybe you can find a video search Opera tablet.
- @barnyard27 I guess the stock browser is better because it's like Google Chrome.
- @Nnnarekkk ..I just use the default browser on my Xoom & the flash works there...but i like Opera though
- @barnyard27 I assume it doesn't support Honeycomb but on my phone and tablet both with Android 2.2 it works.
- @Nnnarekkk ..Yes 10.2 to be Exact but i hear Opera doesnt yet support Flash on the Xoom in the Opera Browser
- @barnyard27 Do you have Flash player installed from the Android market?
- @Nnnarekkk ...How do i get it on my Motorola Xoom....tried cnn & it doesn't work..maybe somethign under settings i need to change??
- @barnyard27 I clearly wrote Opera Mobile not mini the new updated version Opera Mobile 11 has flash support. You can read the change log.
- @Nnnarekkk ..It has no flash though