Firefox 4 new features (Mozilla Summit 2010)

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Dyskusje o Firefox 4 new features (Mozilla Summit 2010)

Firefox 4 new features (Mozilla Summit 2010) - It isn't faster than the previous version. And it's very annoying that the "Open in new tab" and the "Open in new window" were swiched in the right click menu.
- @someguynamedpie I was simply building on what Enamoto suggested, I have no idea if they are the same, used opera very long time ago.
- @carbonhealth *cough cough* BETA*cough*
- @Dialupconnectionfail Opera isn't anything LIKE firefox4 -.-
- @Enamoto Unless they stole the exact programing lines from Opera, they can't sue them since they have no Copyright on the feature. It's like saying that apple should sue any other company issuing smart phones with equally as good touchscreen as the IPhone.
- Mozilla has done a great job with the new firefox. I'm loving all the new features and the speed is SO much better. I was starting to revert to Chrome and Opera, but now that Mozilla has gotten it's butt in gear, i'm back. Running Beta 10 right now and can't wait for the full release! And to those who say "THEY COPIED OPERA!" Remember, Microsoft copied Apple (who copied Xerox)...and look who has something like 90% of the market share in the OS category :P
- @bobchao Just include mouse gesture by default (srsly! please?) and let the haters hate. I would use a nightly as my default browser, but the lack of gestures (and well Firebug...) is just to frustrating on a day to day basis. Counting the days till November. This will change my web permanently! Thanks for the vid!
- make the FF4 using the titlebar for tabs like opera, god damnit
- Awesome I cant wait for firefox 4. But whats funny.. he's using a Mac laptop, yet he's running windows 7
- @JongaLife ff seems fast enough for me... oh and there is no awsome bar... go a week with it and you wont live without it
- @FlyingAce1015 why you hate chrome? is fast as fuck! I hope ff can catch up with them.
- If I want to pay for 400 dollar hardware, I'll buy the 400 dollar hardware. And let me fix my statement. You pay $1000 for the case, $400 for hardware, and $600 for the smug faggot feeling you get for owning a mac
- If I'm paying $2000+ for a desktop or notebook I better get top notch hardware. Not a $1600 FANCY ALUMINUM case and $400 parts.
- >mac >best hardware SHIT NIGGER WHAT ARE YOU DOING
- @AfterThisShutUp best hardware ? do u mean best quality build ? anyways the envy is better :) magnesium>aluminum
- COUGH *opera* COUGH
- >windows 7 in a mac why