Firefox 5 (Aurora 5.0a2) First Look

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Dyskusje o Firefox 5 (Aurora 5.0a2) First Look

Firefox 5 (Aurora 5.0a2) First Look - I'm on Firefox 20 already XD
- at least it is a free product I want Firefox 20
- @ravioresinz its only there for vista or 7 lol
- Wth?Aurora will have a orange box above the toolbar but i dont have it.And im using Windows Xp Professional
- So far -good. Easy to download. Loads into its own directory, will pick-up settings from Firefox if you already have it.
- @HHSbass4 Yeah I know that know ^^ Firefox is making new versions really fast nowdays :0
- @MultiSheepsheep This video was released in May. Firefox is now on version 8.0
- Wait... Firefox 4 and 5? :S Isn't Firefox 7 the newest one?
- So aurora is better than firefox 5?
- @MrNoobHata they had this going be4 the firefox 4 came out when itt was in beta lol
- @barf245 And why are you on YouTube then? YouTube is owned by google....
- @spdfrkmr2 You Know You Can Put The Tabs Where The Originally Where Right?
- @MrNoobHata at least its free and they dont overprice a product that can be cheaper
- @MrNoobHata True...Sadly.
- @MrNoobHata no they´re better ^^
- Whoever put the tabs on top should be slapped! And don't even get me started if they put them on the side.
- im downloading firefox 5 now :D
- That don't re-size when you start closing tabs feature, is the best feature i have ever saw in Firefox!
- boy, people have no sence of humor.
- @1bnb25 Biggest idiot of the year award. Congrats. You have proven to be your as a dumbass and it is very surprising you have a Youtube account. Or know proper grammar for that matter.