Firefox 5 Review

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Dyskusje o Firefox 5 Review

Firefox 5 Review - I am watching in Mozzila Nightly 18
- FIREXOX 5 features only 20 crashes a week
- Cool you speak weird on these vids!
- @Manoob1213 no its not, i love chrome.
- @splinter32173217 they all do really because the fbi can watch ya. im wondering why you want browsing to be private lol
- @gameteacher101 yeah it's a resource hog and I didnt like it at first but after a while it started growing on me and I really like it
- I am not upgrading my Firefox for a long time since Firefox went the way of Mac style Ribbon interface. No drop down menus = no upgrade!
- why does the text look so freakign stupid??? how do i fix it????
- Does it keep the bookmarks that I have on top of the tabs if I update?
- @splinter32173217 So
- @lazarra101 No it's not, that's a silly rumor.
- What! chrome's spy software god damn it, why am I the last to know!
- I want firefox 5 with the designe of firefox 3 ! lie firefox 4 the designe looks like a copy of chrome !!
- Why is it that when I search anything in my yahoo search bar, it opens in a new tab? If anyone knows how to change this setting I will be soooo grateful! Go raibh mile maith agaibh!!!!!
- @ReddoFreddo Mine has started to freeze sometimes, after a while it works again but after some time it freezes again :P
- Firefox doesnt seem to work on my computer anymore, does anyone else notice friefox is acting strange on a small flat screen?
- many thanks for your reply and advice
- @Goldenfury12 Yes.
- @paulboon No, but in the homepage(about:home, or in the history if ur homepage wasn't Mozilla Firefox Start Page) there's a VERY BIG button: "Restore Previous Session". This was from FF 4.0, 4.0.1 and 5.0 already, and to all future releases.
- @splinter32173217 lol, yea u having the biggest nasa secrets and all.. wtf wil google do with ur private info?!!