Firefox 5 vs Google Chrome (Quick Speed Test)

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Dyskusje o Firefox 5 vs Google Chrome (Quick Speed Test)

Firefox 5 vs Google Chrome (Quick Speed Test) - You cant use timers can you...
- I like firefox better but chrome only uses 1/3 of the computing power firefox takes and as far as their load time, for me, its indifferent
- thinking......hmmmmm
- @Logicistix okay will do
- You probably should have a start-up time test as well.
- @579davies is it. Sweet!
- wow my google chrome is alot faster
- Jamas Firefox le Ganara a google chrome!! x eso firefox cambio su motor de Java scripts al mismo de Chrome
- You're on a mac. Doesn't count.
- @JordanSBriceno Its was the lastest version of chrome when firefox 5 came out 4 months ago. There is an updated test on my channel.
- que version es de google chrome ?
- @PJMAN2952 I have not experienced any scrolling problems with google chrome on mac os x lion. what problems are you having?
- No, chrome 12 is faster than firefox 5!!!!!!!!!!! /watch?v=SYOsb7YRqkE
- Thanks mate, Now I finally know which one I will stick to.
- wow. cmon guys, does speed really matter? all the browsers out there seem to be a bit slower or faster, does it really make a difference? I'd rather care about stability than speed, because speed of every browser is barely noticeable. I will stick to Firefox, because it hasn't crashed on me yet. :D
- Love how you have them side to side ^.^
- chrome connects to browser faster
- Chrome is better.
- come on guys firefox 5 is much betterr!!
- @TheKnightOutlaw nice i also use chrome but not for its speed but its simplicity. You can't go wrong with either of them there both great browsers