FireFox 5 wood burning stove (defra approved)

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Dyskusje o FireFox 5 wood burning stove (defra approved)

FireFox 5 wood burning stove (defra approved) - Yes the Firefox 5 kw is small, so if you are prepared to have airbrick ventilators the 8kw will hold more fuel and stay in overnight.It will also take larger logs. However, installers will require a larger opening so I'm very pleased with my dinky 5kw version. Just done a youtube video of it asking about the amazing heat output when fully damped down. Comment on my video if you know.
- We had the Firefox 5 Multi-Fuel burner installed just over a week ago and must say it's fantastic.  We are only burning wood at the moment but the heat output as well as the consumption of fuel is great, planning on getting some coal in for over christmas so that I'm not fueling every hour or so.
- It more than copes with heating the room on dry hardwood. It gets really hot on coal but I'd think you'd struggle to keep it in for more than 8 hours on a single burn. It's probably possible if packed out with coal and I've seen the odd bit of life in the morning but if was stone cold again. We've now increased the volume of the room which is supplemented by approx 2kW of radiator which are never turned up full. We were very cosy when it was -7degC last winter. Hope this helps.
- didnt realise it was so dinky. the blurb says 8 hours burn with correct fuel is this right? does it effectively heat the room? they do look lovely.
- I've got one it brilliant had it installed last year and I've saved about £30 on my gas bill..!
- what amount of space is there above the top of the stove and is there a metal plate across the chimney breast? Also what is the measurement of the room. thanks