Firefox 6 v 7 v 8 v 9 Review Which one to Choose

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Dyskusje o Firefox 6 v 7 v 8 v 9 Review Which one to Choose

Firefox 6 v 7 v 8 v 9 Review Which one to Choose - Using Nightly all the time! :)
- well whatever firefox you use.. you might as well personalise your tab page with mytabpage(.com).. don't know how they do it but there's loads of themes
- I thought firefox is depends on your add ons...but when clean install firefox is proven faster than opera..unless its opera mobile then opera is faster....
- Go on the official forums, they would be more helpful than I could ever be!
- and I need help
- thanks but my ff isn't working well IDK why
- yeah looks really cool. Check out my newer firefox videos :)
- hmmm ok I am waiting for Firefox 20 can't wait for a new UI
- umad? :p
- at the time of the post 11 was the most current you little bitch......
- its Firefox 13 already bitch!
- Firefox 11 is out now losers
- i used to use aurora but i switched to google crome
- @whiskeydence02 to those still running 3.6 ;) I salute you
- @TheDarabid82 Holy DAMN!! LMAO Until I came to this video I thought I was about the only one still using that old browser. I have been corrected. I took the installer and have it on disk and thumbdrive as back us as well. Even got FF 3.6 portable . Do you run the tweak apps and the faster DL apps as well?
- @TheMrSpam yeah buddy
- LMAO incompatible incompatible incompatible incompatible LOL thats why I dont use anything over 3.6. Plus the anything over that is just ugly. I ran a test on mine and it surpasses the privacy and safty regs over even 8 so Ill stick with the good one and just do the add ons and adjustments myself.
- i used to have all of those
- i still use firefox 3.6 beats all!
- i used to use Windows XP it had to have Firefox