Firefox and 4-Tree - Warning

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Dyskusje o Firefox and 4-Tree - Warning

Firefox and 4-Tree - Warning - And another warning, warning, warning, warning, warning, warning, warning, ooooh!
- heard this track first in summer '95...  boy how much has changed since then :)
- Song of the year n shit
Firefox and 4-Tree - Warning:
- bet you didn't know that the ''four tree'' part was actually roni's brothers taxi number ( 43 ) .... I know this as I was his taxi controller back in the day in st pauls Bristol . enterprise taxis ... smoked nuff skunk with these guys lmao
- ...
- I love the way Roni Size programs his drums,always something different but also very similar styles in great ways,with the layers i mean....His contribution is up there with the likes of Dillinja,Photek and the Ram crew etc
- This is a warning. No it ain't rare. This is a warning! Shabba!
- anyone know what the sample says at 3:30 ?
- This Philly Blunt version is rare.
It's also found on Jungle Warfare.
I love Philly Blunt records and them covers. Sky is good.
- this is a warning warning warning warning warning warning warning allright!
- Shit the bed aint Shane Corning a nerd to the max! This tune just fills me with joy same as "Mash Dem Down." Chill out Shane you is gettin' to old to quick bwoy!! Love all ya x
- pure class 
- The 12" was widely available when released. People looking for a copy either buy the vinyl or buy a CD compilation like Jungle Mania or Jungle hits 2 which has this tune on it in full. This tune was massive and is a jungle classic but because it was  was pre-internet and pre digital it was never going to be as widely available as the music is today. 
- I disagree with some of the commenters, I do think this 12" in particular was indeed rare. I have no doubt they heard the sample!!! It was a popular quick rinse. But that's not the argument. Technically, tho - MOST of the 12"s would be "rare" by my standards (limited runs).
- Firefox and 4-Tree - Warning
- oh gosh
- This isnt rare, heard it mixed into so many jungle mixes...
- MondoCaine1978 (Sorry I can't reply directly, blame YouTube) the tracks sampled are Junior Tucker - Don't Touch My Baby (the "Warning" sample) and 
Shabba Ranks - Respect (the ragga vocals).
- Original = Junior Tucker - Don't Touch My Baby