Firefox and download helper tutorial

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Dyskusje o Firefox and download helper tutorial

Firefox and download helper tutorial - I just downloaded Paddington Bear, Nightcrawler and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes for free using this. Each film took less than 30 mins and i've got an old landline connection. So pleased I've presently got a semi.
- I really hate it when it gives me .flv i have windows 8 and then it dosen't work
- Its downloading nothing
- i cant use my addons...please help me...
- mine tells e that i'm missing an external application that is required? i went download and convert
- Yes
- I have one question. I downloaded DH for a long time ago and it works great. But... I downloaded more than 100 videos because I have problem with watching videos on Youtube. Download Helper is 100 % free?
- Works Like a charm!! Thanks Bro!
- Did you solve Problem???
- cheers bud
- @exjumper999 Please explain more in detail
- my download helper downloads the video as like no content...
- Thanks