firefox bike viper review

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Dyskusje o firefox bike viper review

firefox bike viper review - Did you get those SHIMANO EF65 Shifters Pre-Installed or did you install them yourself?? I bought a Viper last friday nut it came with SHIMANO EF51 Shifters
- i have seen viper many times
- i have a target which is much better than viper
- i already have this bike
- where the fuck is review?
- no mr its better than your cycle
- I have a firefox Colorado better than viper
- Hi, How much is its Weight?
- Did u get sipper bottle with in bicycle?
- i have a firefox dart 2.6 21 sp disc
- firefox mtv dirt is also very gud
- Hi, I want to purchase firefox Viper. I just ask it is good cycle or any complaint. I like firefox viper design but no idea what its top speed on road. Thanks
- yes
- free advice use a good camera
- did u buy it from india
- @debabrata04 cool
- @bavarianist noo x6(16GB)
- recorded from 5800? nice bike
- nice bike...
- @DdarksylXLoVe 15000