Firefox Crash Fixes (That Annoying Non-Responsive freeze Bug)

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Dyskusje o Firefox Crash Fixes (That Annoying Non-Responsive freeze Bug)

Firefox Crash Fixes (That Annoying Non-Responsive freeze Bug) - this work
type media
this reads 999999
change to 0
this is the problem as mozilla has now been informed solved this in seconds not days
also you can change fps default to 100000
that allows you to run media to a faster rate of fire
- I've been trying for EVER to find SOME kind of answer to this shit - ADOBE Flash seems to be deliberately DESIGNED to FUCK us : It WILL crash no matter what you do. GO TRY and talk to FIREFOX about it,  they couldn't give a shit. You can't even talk to anyone. ADOBE themselves, are blocked-off from all and any attempts to communicate with them about this crap.
- Im getting this from the past 2 days also its pain in the ASS!!
- Shouldn't firefox be fixing this shit, they have gone so backwards in the last five years maybe time to give it up. If they cant be bothered why should we
- I can't because i start Fucking Mozila and imediatly "Not responding" and i try to reinstall browser and nothing. 
- still freezing but i t freeze all my pc for 30-40sec i got the latest drivers and flash shit
- Thank you
- Does it work
- ok all mine are up to date it says there are some that say Microsoft® DRMDRM Netscape Network Object unknown Research DivX Web PlayerDivX Web Player version vulnerable Research DivX Player Netscape Pluginnpdivxplayerplugin unknown Research Google Update so what do i do write me an email at thanks
- my mozilla firefox keeps crashing all the time... i cant even get to the add-ons page..
- Wow Pinoy.
- What i need to do if its script whats that help pls
- thank you man... you save me.. ( maraming salamat.. nailigtas mo ako..) Philippines
- Adobe Acrobat Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape 10.1.6 this was updated but it still says please up date
- thank you. i updated some other stuff also and now it seems like its working normal. i really like firefox, tried to use google but its not my thing. i give this a like :)
- Stupid firefox just stopped responding so I forced and closed it and now when I want to start it it just shows for a second and then firefox window disappears! It is working but It is not visible ! When I click on task bar to open new window it does but compressed to about 4 cm on top of my screen
- Tnx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- thanks
- it wont let me openire fox at all and ikeep redownloading it wont work