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FIREFOX F7 (PERFECT "1000 POINT" GAME) - Got this Game for 5 DM from the flea market as I was little. Never run it to "H-H" Score because I was baaaaad. Want to try that again - Hope, i can find one on Ebay one day.
Cool Vid btw!
- I've played handheld games but never seen one like this before. Interesting.
- Nice video! I got one of these for xmas (1983) I think. I remember having it set up on the kitchen work surface at night - in the dark. The colours and sounds were totally hypnotic. Looks much better in person BTW.
- The music at 3:03 sounds a lot like a Star Wars nod... really cool little game.  I never saw this one back in the day...
- Whilst my friends had games like this and Astro Wars I was given a game that didnt get anywhere near as much attention from ads - Super Cobra released by Gakken.  Given the finances at the time I'm pretty sure it cost less than others like Firefox but for me it is an under-appreciated classic and whilst I certainly love watching plays of Firefox and Astro Wars, I'd love to see someone put Gakken's Super Cobra on for a play :)
- Ain't seen this in decades, nostalgia overload. Thanks for the effort to get this forgotten gem up on YT 
- Magic atmosphere!
- wow. Never saw the end to this, then again I couldn't even attempt to do so as my system's control stick is bad.