Firefox Flame by Alcatel One Touch Review

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Dyskusje o Firefox Flame by Alcatel One Touch Review

Firefox Flame by Alcatel One Touch Review - Haul Girls. 
- Perhaps my next phone.  My Galaxy Nexus went to my wife.  I am drawn to Firefox OS for my next smart phone.
- mozilla is marketing this phone for the developing world. so the phone is low /mid level compared to others. the other oses a a lot older and more mature then firefox os. ios and android are now close to 8 and 7 years old. 
- Your channel is called good read so why are you talking about smartphones
- Great, thoughtful review.
Good analysis of the OS vs the current hardware.


- I would buy a Firefox phone if it was on better hardware.  I've used Firefox since it was called Netscape and have never really used anything else so I would try to support them.  The only thing that would keep me from moving to one is Google maps, and Google probably won't put it on Firefox OS until it is more popular.  Too bad that they can't mandate dual sims in Firefox phones though, that would be highly useful.
- The FF OS seems to have real potential. I like it even in the cheap shell. It would make a great work phone.
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- Firefox reminds me of the everything me launcher on the play store