Firefox for Android is Full Featured

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Firefox for Android is Full Featured - firefox is the best
- no clear history botton and no got the exit button too at firefox 23,24 for androids it is a fucked web browser.. i m hope that you are gone fom androids world
- You can use Adobe Flash Player/Plug-ins you cant on stock Android Browser or Google Chrome.
- 1 word....ANDROID...ZTech...doth Rule!!!&I am a huge dummie...kidding!!!
- A love the way that peopl in the comments upon a querry already know &or soon get it ....ENABLED
- having firefox to Android is proof that the Tech belongrd in Andoid in the 1st place
- Because , I do not able to understand every specific of each one of , traditional internet screen , Ipad and Iphone , I got confusing , So simple practical description m really is great helpful to do not waste the time ." the time is money ". Thank you again so much .
- Than you so much .
- If a browser makes your desktop blue screen, you may have serious issues..
- Printz91, shut up! Firefox on PC has went so far down hill, it's fuckin shell fishing! Crashes,BSoD's, you name it! It sucks these days. Competition has made into a thumbling wreck full of bugs. Long gone are the days of a nice, smooth, consistent FF!
- Chrome did load faster but Firefox was loading part of the sites that Chrome wasn't.
- Why doesn't it have Flash support such a fail. You can have the AdBlocker but no Flash ?! WTF !
- Using it until my Nexus S gets ICS OTA update and until I get chrome...
- doesbt hace any flash support
- Would the plug-ins from my desktop Firefox be compatible on the Android version?
- tried it didnt like it deleted
- And now the Mozilla Firefox for Android does indeed have Adobe Flash
- What is the other device you used other than the HTC Thunderbult?
- @msfabxda Ah, yes, but does it have add-ons? Add-ons is a huge thing for me. I can deal with not having Flash, afterall, my iPod Touch doesn't have it and neither does my "dumbphone" so I'm sure I can live without it.
- good review. would be better if you could put the phone on an Anti Slip mat, maybe slightly smaller than the phone, or use Velcro. I think keeping the phone firm on the desk make sense since you have already tripod your video camera, unless you review the hardware