Firefox for Android Review

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Dyskusje o Firefox for Android Review

Firefox for Android Review - When I had Firefox installed on my Android phone, I noticed that my battery was draining very fast... Even when Firefox wasn't even running (even had process off in app manager), my battery was running dry in just a matter of 1-2 hours. Aside from that, it's way too bloated and has some annoying bugs. After uninstalling, my battery drains normally. I can even watch Netflix and HBO GO, and still have a lot of battery left. I love Firefox on desktop, but it still needs a lot of work on Android.
- no browsing history and no exit button on the firefox 23,24 ( androids ) not be able to download videos from youtube, dailymotion,bing,flv.. is it the greatest browsers???
- firefox for androids is weak and so slow .... ...
- how the fuck did they expect you to able to select links without the aid of the text pad?
- Um, no. Speed is a result of Good hardware and software. In this case the CPU has very little to do with speed. The connection speed and software are EVERYTHING when it comes to web browsing.
- I don't understand,I installed this on my xperia,and browsing pages has literally doubled in speed! I don't get it? The phones running on the same processer,so how come it's so much faster? I thought the speed was governed by the processer!?
- is there ad block for this?
- Download "Firefox APK (ANDROID)" HERE :
- I REALLY wish it was on the Kindle Fire HD.
- as in not compatible
- my phones processor is too slow to run this lol
- Chrome sucks on Android, the stock ICS/Jelly Bean browsers are so much faster.
- im considering switching to this browser from chrome on my galaxy nexus. i recently flashed jelly bean on my device because i got tired of verizon dragging their feet, and now chrome runs very bad compared to how it was before. Everything else works absolutely wonderfully, and i'll never be able to go back to ics, so i either have to grin and bear it, or switch until chrome gets updated or something.
- i will stick to Safari...
- dolphin rocks!
- lame
- Ok. i am on ics and chrome is the best..better than dolphin and opera.
- chrome,firefox doesnt support my phone..operamini for me
- I like Chrome.
- I hate you voice...!!!