Firefox for Windows 8 (Aurora)- Quick Review

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Dyskusje o Firefox for Windows 8 (Aurora)- Quick Review

Firefox for Windows 8 (Aurora)- Quick Review - Holy fuck... no offence man but your accent is very heavy making it impossible for me to understand most bits unless I have re-repeated them several times. Also, you do seem to have a heavy southern indian accent.. Please get rid of it!? You have a nice video and the content of your video and review is pretty good too. I will seriously recommend you to work on to neutralize that tone and accent and at least sound proper (your pitch was uncontrollable and went up and down monotonously as if you were least bit concerned or overly bored)  and make sure there are no background noises(I could hear a song playing in the background clearly). Otherwise the review was helpful... thanks!!
- Nice, concise review - thanks!