Firefox Hello - Free Video Calls Via Web Browser

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Firefox Hello - Free Video Calls Via Web Browser - Hi! I like your way of expressing yourself to your followers.
I tried Firefox on my netbook and not the camera is activated when the video call window opens. I tried it on a desktop and function. But when I sent the link and activate it in my net video call could not be made. My webcam works on the net
I read the Hello's help and says we should allow Firefox to access our camera and microphone enable it in about:permissions in the Hello's direction webpage: I did, but not activated.
I asked in Spanish official account on Twitter @firefox_es
I hope they answer me soon ...
What program do you use to show your face as you explain step by step? I would do the same too...
Many thanks and keep going!!
- Thanks for actually leading step by step. I like your real visual circle in the corner...keep real.
- Why do I feel like that was way to hard. Very repetitious.  I've tried to use it and keep getting screen after screen. LOL
- Continued +Kurt Stucker below are just an example of things many people worldwide experience on YouTube attempting to be perfect as ever, and get dumped on by trolls, haters and with tons of thumbs down even though they're good people and tried everything in their power to do their very best. "It is what it is bro."

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Technically speaking though I will purposely make errors and leave them in every video to show and prove to this world that imperfection is the key to success out here on YouTube. Why it works, well it shows people that folks like myself aren't afraid of being overly criticized, not afraid to try anything within the laws and guidelines of course, and be ourselves while doing it all (The broken ones become the true online sensations Like PewDiePie - learn from the best!) many people worldwide hated on his lisp "remember".

Now, come to think not every gamer is as successful as him, but the haters surely helped him Go to the Astronomical level beyond all others, that's how jealousy works out on YouTube. My Top video was hater so much, it was my worst drill video ever, and it is my best performer on the platform.

It also shows that we will make strides to succeed despite out scars, imperfections, and what others perceive as not so talented or not so appealing visually or by mode or listening pleasure (IceJJFish - check his success out)). We will achieve through failures where no one else could achieve by their great hopeful "High Quality" successes.

"Fools rule! aka Chaos Theory will always win online, as there is no box anyone can construct for it."

Watch out for 'Funny Tech' coming soon!
- I like how your video was made. Could you enlighten me on what software you used to record both firefox and your image?
- Catch the all New! Firefox Hello video call tool, and make free video calls from any web browser Enjoy!

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