FireFox Mobile Concept

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Dyskusje o FireFox Mobile Concept

FireFox Mobile Concept - Hey, my comment was written 5 months ago. At that time not many details about the App Store were known. And I don't think that's all the way true. I'm sure Apple wants to have the best program, but other Web Browser would surely make it through into the Store.
- Apple will not put a competing app through the store. It wants people to use Safari, and wont let them use other things
- anything with full flash for n95 other than skyfire?
- i wonder how will i get this i think this and oprea will be good competitors because oprea is coming for all mobile browsers this august but im curious when will this come out and will i be able to see sites that have moving graphics and to video sites like youttube and veoh?????
- I'd love to see this on the iPhone with the upcoming App Store and Firmware 2.0 It really looks very interesting! It has an awesome concept and looks amazing. I'd have a suggestion though. In my opinion panning the site to the right should open the toolbar, and the toolbar only. That way you can't accidentally zoom out when wanting to go back or something like that.. Great job though!