Firefox Mobile for Android -

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Dyskusje o Firefox Mobile for Android -

Firefox Mobile for Android - - GOSTEI DO FENNEC U_U
- Ultima atualização do navegador do proprio android ja faz tudo q vcs estão querendo aii
- i prefer the dolphin browser HD for mobiles
- Is mother fuckig
- I really wanted Firefox in iPhone but in fact by seeing this i changed my mind. I got sick of Safari and i found Mercury Browser and it really does the trick for me,it costs 99c,it's themeable though it looks exactly like the normal Firefox and it also has advanced features such Download Manager,Password Saving,Bookmarks Transfer,Page Search,File Transfer to transfer downloads to computer,etc. So no Droid Firefox Envy for me.
- @solankiashish At this stage, Opera seem to still be the winner on the mobile web marked :3 I like the extension feature though; hope something similiar with Opera Extensions will come aswell.
- weave feature is cool but the speed is crappy
- Opera is the best!
- cloudbrowes for iphone firefox on iphone and it haz flash
- thats the htc keyboard... but what agenda widget is that on the homescreen???
- Firefox iphone doesnt DROID DOES haha
- @vipwoody He is rooted with a custom ROM
- @leiasniri HTC IME_MOD
- What calendar app did you have on your home screen?
- COOL! may I ask what kind of keyboard is on this N1 ?
- Whooooaaaaa 6,666 views one time I was at a restaurant and the bill was $66.66 and the waitress was like wow guys! but we were like whatever,
- If you look at the icon bar at the top of the phone, you'll notice that 3G isn't present.. so of course the browser is going to be slow.
- I love firefox but now skyfire is the best internet mobile browser for me.
- Opera enuff said
- looks amazing! and the weave is what i also have been looking for! can't wait til the stable version releases....i won't take a chance on the beta because of fear of ruining my Nexus One!